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Wine and Pumpkin Time

Pumpkin and wine – two best friends If you’ve been to your local liquor store within the past few months, you probably know that pumpkin beer is everywhere. While our sister company, Red Shedman Farm Brewery, makes delicious one of those, we think it’s time that wine get a little pumpkin lovin’, too. Here are a few of our wines that will compliment a sweet, savory or spicy pumpkin dish: Chardonnay: Our Maryland Chardonnay is lightly oaked with rich flavor hints including caramel, vanilla and pear. It has always paired well with rich desserts since it’s dry enough not to…

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Mountain Red

Mountain Red wine and peanut butter bars – an adult version of classic favorites. You know all of our “Mountain” wines, right? They’re pretty much a Linganore staple when it comes to our sweeter wines. Well we have our Mountain White, Mountain Pink and Mountain Berry, and a few weeks ago we introduced our newest: Mountain Red. What took us so long? The idea behind Mountain Red was to create a fruity, grapey tasting red wine for our mountain series. It’s made with Concord grapes, which give a the wine a “fresh grapes from your grandma’s backyard fence” taste. Think…

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Summertime Drink Recipes

Pinky’s been in the kitchen again. This time, she’s making fun summertime drinks. One features our Peach wine which has just recently been released. These drinks not only look pretty, but they certainly taste great, too.   Girlfriends’ Porch 4 oz. Linganore Strawberry Wine, chilled 4 oz. Mango Nectar, chilled 8 oz. Sprite, chilled Mix and enjoy with friends!   Linganore Peachy Lemonade 4 oz. Linganore Peach Wine, chilled 4 oz. Lemonade, chilled 4 oz. Sprite, chilled 1/2 cup fresh Blueberries, muddled (that means squished with a fork) – it’s easier to muddle fruit when the fruit is frozen, then…

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Al Fresco Dining is Calling Your Name

You know when you walk into the house and the whole place smells so darn good, you can’t wait to find out what’s cooking? That’s exactly what happened today! You can almost always bet that when it smells that good, Pinky has been playing chef! This time, she really outdid herself. She marinated ribs overnight and slow cooked them until they just fell of the bone. Those lucky enough to try them gobbled them up so quickly, those poor ribs didn’t know what hit them. Naturally, being BBQ season, she’d need a wine infused side dish. So she created a…

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Brownies (and wine) make everything better

It’s not often that i open a bottle of wine for dinner and have some remaining, but it happens. So, I asked myself, what can I do with a bit of leftover wine. Usually, I braise some red meat or add it to pasta sauce but I was craving something sweet- honestly, who doesn’t love sweets. So I spent some time cruising the photos on Yummly (wait, you do know about how amazing Yummly is right??? If not, do yourself a favor and check it out). Sure I could have poached out of season pears or made some sort of…

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