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Chris’ Tip Jar – Wedding Planning Organization

Staying organized is a hallmark of maintaining your mental health throughout the wedding planning process! Unfortunately, it is also an uphill battle for most couples. For my fiancé and I, creating a joint Google account for our wedding day has been crucial to keeping everything from falling apart thus far. To state the obvious, a Google account is useful for far more than sending and receiving emails. Using the features within Gmail as well as the supplementary applications will allow you to pull pertinent wedding day information in 30 seconds or less, anywhere in the world. I think you all…

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Chris’ Tip Jar – A Guide to Tipping Your On-Site Wedding Vendors

Chris again, the people’s champ and your venue coordinator, here to let you know about best practices for tipping your vendors. All too often, couples neglect to take account of gratuities when budgeting for their wedding. In fact, my fiancé and I completely forgot about it until I started writing this blog. Do I need to tip my wedding vendors? Yes, you have paid your wedding vendors a tremendous amount already, but it is in good taste to tack on a bit extra for their efforts on the day of your wedding. It is not a trivial expense, but you…

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Chris’ Tip Jar – Selecting your Wedding Photographer

Selecting your photographer for your wedding, after maybe your caterer and day of coordinator, is perhaps the highest priority vendor choice you will have to make throughout your wedding planning process. Your photos will last forever and will be the few tangible memories you can keep from your wedding. However, without your priorities set in place, and with all the wedding photographers out there, you can quickly become overwhelmed or, heaven forbid, end up overspending on services you don’t need! Not to fear, your resident day of coordinator is here to ease the burden!  I am currently planning my wedding…

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Cheers to Summer Weddings – Celebrate your Big Day with a View

Although summer weddings have waned in popularity over the past few years, we can assure you that they are alive and well here at Linganore! While the weather is always a concern for outdoor-centric weddings, especially in Maryland, in our opinion, the heat is a lot less of a factor than you might think! Those willing to brave the afternoon inferno will be rewarded tremendously for their courage for reasons that we will soon illustrate. We can completely understand not wanting to go through hours of hair and makeup to get an involuntary perm the moment you leave the ready…

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Chris’ Tip Jar – A Guide to Toasts

Here at Linganore Winecellars, we have been fortunate enough to play a small role in helping hundreds of couples find their happily ever after. These couples not only had the good fortune of finding love with each other but, luckily for us, our brilliantly rustic wedding venue known as Abisso Hall! Although each couple and their wedding days are one of a kind in our eyes, we must concede that there are many common threads most weddings share, few as ubiquitous as toasts from loved ones. Therefore, I thought it might be prudent to share some tips with potential toastmasters…

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