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How to Have a Sustainable Wedding

Written by Chris Waldron   Weddings are generally celebrations that lean heavily toward excess. From huge flower displays and massive amounts of food to mailing hundreds of invitations, they typically do not lend much to the cause of sustainability. However, there are many ways to minimize the footprint of your special day. Here we will get into some of the ways to have an environmentally friendly wedding.    Eco-Friendly Venues If you are sustainability-focused, there is no better way to communicate that than by choosing a venue that shares your beliefs and practices them throughout its operations. This can take…

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Things to do at Linganore Winecellars

Within the rolling hills of Maryland’s wine country lies a hidden gem, Linganore Winecellars. With scenic landscapes, award-winning wines, and charming venues our winery-brewery-vineyard trio has a lot to offer guests. So how do you make the most of your visit to this idyllic destination? Whether you’re a wine enthusiast or a casual visitor, there are plenty of things to do!   If you plan to visit this wine haven, here’s what Linganore Winecellars offers you:   Try a Wine Tasting From crisp whites to velvety reds, enjoy a private seated tasting of signature Linganore wines, with different tasting options…

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Linganore Winecellars: One of The Best Wineries in Maryland

Nestled among picturesque rolling hills lies the esteemed Linganore Winecellars. Family owned and operated in Mount Airy, Maryland, the winery invites guests to bask in a wide array of delightful experiences from sunset picnics amidst the scenic vistas to intimate vineyard tours. Since its establishment in 1971 Linganore Winecellars has accomplished many successes. Deemed one of the best wineries in Maryland by Wine Enthusiast, we stand tall as a beacon of excellence and a frontrunner in the Maryland wine community.   Maryland’s first AVA Just over 10 years after Linganore Winecellars’ first grapes were planted, they made history. Founder Jack…

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National Cheese Day: 5 Cheese and Wine Pairings for All Palates

National Cheese Day- June 4th, 2024 Most people can agree that cheese and wine make a delightful combination. But which wines go best with which cheeses? Does the cheddar in my fridge pair well with sweet red wine? On this National Cheese Day, we’ve got the answers! Whether you want to create a show-stopping tasting experience for guests, or just a savory snack for a movie night by yourself, we will help you navigate through the intricate worlds of cheese and wine. If you’re a seasoned connoisseur or a leisurely novice, there’s something for everyone! Know the facts: Did you…

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Late Harvest Wines

Bringing a bottle of world-class wine to fruition requires a wealth of knowledge and experience. Some of that knowledge can be taught, but much of it is intuitive. It takes a custom blend of skill and instinct to elevate the craft of winemaking to an art and it is precisely this combination that has ushered our own family-owned and operated vineyard and winery to the forefront of the industry. Where It Began Nestled on 230 acres of rolling countryside outside of New Market, Maryland, Linganore Winecellars was founded by Jack and Lucille Aellen in 1972. Inspired by Jack’s German-Swiss heritage,…

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