Bus Groups

** All Bus Group ADMISSION PASSES will be sold on Linganore Winecellars’ online store **

Please note that the bus group admission passes will not sell out, so please do not place your order until you have your final headcount. As the system will not allow you to add additional guests to an order that has already been placed. If you have multiple buses coming to an event, please process each bus group as an individual transaction and under the organizers’ name that will be aboard the bus during check-in. This will ensure that the organizer and driver for each bus will be able to enter the festival.

All bus group admission passes must be purchased from our online store by 11:59 pm (EDT) on Tuesday the week of the event. Kindly see the chart below for bus group admission prices, minimum purchase quantities and the last day to purchase. Please note that the minimum purchase quantity per bus does not include the organizer (1) and driver (1) (they will automatically be added to your cart at check out), both of which get into the event for free. Bus Groups also do not have to pay the additional online service fees that are charged for our general admission tickets.

Want to enjoy Linganore wines on the bus ride to the festival? Bus group organizers can purchase Linganore wine with a 7% discount and we’ll ship it to you in time for you to leave. Wine glass lanyards and other merchandise is also available. Please call 301-831-5889 to place your order.

*** NO additional service, online or processing fees are added to the admission price ***




Last Day of Purchase

Minimum Purchase


Caribbean Festival

5/23 & 5/24

10 am to 6 pm



$ 25.00

FreeState Festival


11 am to 6 pm



$ 35.00

Taste Of Linganore Festival


11 am to 6 pm



$ 15.00

Summer Reggae Festival

7/18 & 7/19

10 am to 6 pm



$ 25.00

Autumn Reggae Festival

10/10 & 10/11

10 am to 6 pm



$ 25.00

The minimum purchase quantity does not include the Driver & Organizer.

Everyone must be on the bus at the time of check-in, there are NO refunds for unused admission passes.

We do not keep a guest list and group check-in is done only by the organizer name and the quantity of admission passes purchased. If the members of bus group would like to remain boarded and wait to be checked in for the person(s) that missed the bus they may do so. However, if someone arrives after a bus has been checked in they will not be able to enter the festival and we will not refund their ticket.

When your bus group arrives, your driver will be directed to stay to the right at the Y on our driveway. Where you will be directed past our Top Gate by the yellow and white tent, down and around to our lower gate parking lot (this makes it easier for buses to exit our grounds). One of our staff members will board your bus to review our policies and check-in procedures.

  • The driver will be red banded meaning that they may not buy or consume any alcohol.
  • Everyone will need to exit the bus with only their Government issued Photo ID. So, they may be checked in, receive their admission wristband and a festival glass.
    • The bus may be re-boarded once everyone has exited and has been checked in.
  • To ensure prompt check-in for all bus groups we ask that guests and drivers not open the exterior side compartments or start unloading luggage until check-in is completed.
    • Guests will have the opportunity to gather their belongings once everyone has been checked in.
  • Once a person has been checked in they may immediately enter the festival through the VIP entrance, without having to wait in admission lines!
    • All bags and coolers will be searched.
  • Any outside alcohol or open containers of any kind will be disposed of.

Guidelines for our larger festivals:

  1. Gates will open one hour prior to the start of the festival.
  2. Lawn space and picnic tables are on a first come, first serve basis.
  3. Our festivals are held rain or shine, and we do not offer refunds due to weather.
  4. Please NOTE: All bags and coolers will be searched.
  5. Everyone 18 and over must have a government-issued photo ID to enter.

What can be brought in?

  • Blankets and/or chairs to sit on
  • Pop-up tents (max size: 10’ x 10’) and umbrellas
    • Tents and umbrellas may only be set-up in a designated tent area on the lawn.
  • Food, coolers and non-alcoholic beverages in factory sealed containers such as bottled water, juice boxes, and soda cans.

What is prohibited?

  • No open containers of any kind
    • Including but not limited to water, juice, and tea. Staff members are not permitted to smell or taste any open containers to verify or approve its contents.
  • No Alcoholic beverages. Per Maryland state law, no alcoholic beverages may be brought onto the premises.
  • All bags and coolers will be searched.
    • any outside alcohol or open containers of any kind will be disposed of.
  • No Grills or cooking devices (e.g. warmers, hot plates, open flames, or broilers…)
  • No Generators, or devices that need electricity.
  • No Pets.
  • No Radios or speakers for music other than festival music.

If you would like more information, feel free to call us at 301-831-5889 or email BusGroups@LinganoreWines.com.