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Staying organized is a hallmark of maintaining your mental health throughout the wedding planning process! Unfortunately, it is also an uphill battle for most couples. For my fiancé and I, creating a joint Google account for our wedding day has been crucial to keeping everything from falling apart thus far. To state the obvious, a Google account is useful for far more than sending and receiving emails. Using the features within Gmail as well as the supplementary applications will allow you to pull pertinent wedding day information in 30 seconds or less, anywhere in the world. I think you all can be confident that we are not receiving any residuals for endorsing a free application, it will help you! Hopefully, this blog will help you make the most of Google and free you from wedding-induced stress moving forward.

What can I do to alleviate stress in the wedding planning process?

 As I alluded to in the previous paragraph, ensuring that you and your partner have easy access to important information will be key to alleviating stress throughout your planning process. In the case of your wedding email, there are some easy steps you can take that will enhance your ability to stay on the same page with your partner. You two will likely receive hundreds of emails and it will be in your best interest to keep those messages as visible as possible within your wedding Gmail account. For starters, try to flag important emails if you are unsure if your partner has read them. If not, do not be surprised if your fiancé appears confused when you bring up the email over dinner. I also usually cc both of our main emails on messages we send out as we tend to check those more often.  

Photo Courtesy of: TLIC Media, our preferred wedding vendor

How do I keep my inbox organized?

To reiterate, the sheer number of emails you receive will likely astound you. If you have ever asked yourself, “Did I respond to that?” This advice is for you! Firstly, I advise against joining any email lists with your wedding email.  If you must join mailing lists for those promo codes, just use your main.


More importantly, I would highly recommend assigning labels to organize your inbox. Try to keep these label categories specific, at the very least your wedding vendors, venue, and caterer should have categories of their own. Taking these preemptive steps will allow you to find exactly what you are looking for in seconds. If you paint your labels in too broad of strokes, the process of finding the exact thread you want will be equally as difficult as not having labels at all. You can see some examples of recommended labels below.  

Linganore Chris' Tip Jar #5

What else can I use my Gmail account for?

Photo courtesy of: TLIC Media, our preferred wedding vendor

 Your Google account is useful for more than emails! All the files you receive in   your inbox will automatically upload to your drive. That includes all your   invoices and contracts. It is quite a relief to have everything you need in the   same place.  The same goes for the calendar function which we have found to   be essential for keeping track of appointments and deadlines. Moreover, it is   nice to store your wedding documents, like your guest list, in the same fashion.   Important documentation, such as your guest lists and reception plans can be   edited on the fly, a godsend when you are out of town and get a call from a   wedding vendor or your wedding venue.  



I hope this blog is persuasive enough to get you on your way to setting up your wedding google account. Rest assured that I will never advocate for anything that I have not done or experienced. I promise this step will be tremendously helpful to you and your partner. As always, if you ever have a quandary that you need help with, we are always here to help!  




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