Summertime Drink Recipes

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Winery- Summer Drink Recipe- Frederick MD

Photo Credit: Winsome Spirit Imagery
Photography by: Kim L. Kruger

Pinky’s been in the kitchen again. This time, she’s making fun summertime drinks. One features our Peach wine which has just recently been released. These drinks not only look pretty, but they certainly taste great, too.


Girlfriends’ Porch

4 oz. Linganore Strawberry Wine, chilled

4 oz. Mango Nectar, chilled

8 oz. Sprite, chilled

Mix and enjoy with friends!


Linganore Peachy Lemonade

4 oz. Linganore Peach Wine, chilled

4 oz. Lemonade, chilled

4 oz. Sprite, chilled

1/2 cup fresh Blueberries, muddled (that means squished with a fork)

– it’s easier to muddle fruit when the fruit is frozen, then allowed to thaw a little bit)

Mix all, strain and sip!  Garnish with fresh Blueberries.


Linganore’s Down Under

4 oz. Black Raven, chilled

4 oz. Sprite, chilled

1 ripe Kiwi, de-skinned and muddled (that means the pulp is squished with a fork)

Mix all, strain and sip!  Garnish with fresh Kiwi.



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