Red, White and Green

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Sustainable Winemaking 101!

We are glad you came to look and learn about our continuing efforts to make our vineyards and winery as environmentally friendly as possible. We started our “green”initiatives back in the late 70’s before there was a “green” classification. Our philosophy has always been that good practices in both the vineyards and in the winery leads to a  better wine with the least impact possible on the environment. That has been our position and our company’s mission for almost 4 decades now.

It’s kind of nice to see that what we started so long ago is being received so well by not only our customers but by the press, social media, and even national broadcasters. It’s very gratifying to see we are being  copied by other wineries not only in our area but up and down the East Coast, because we all have the basically the same challenges in the field and the winery.

So sit back, relax, and learn about how a family’s passion for excellence didn’t stop at the front door.

Watch our CNN interview: Red, White and Green Winemaking.

Here’s some photos from the shoot!

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