Wine and Chocolate Pairings

If you’re looking for the perfect bottle of wine to pair with a box of chocolates, then you’ve come to the right place! We’ll suggest which chocolates go best with one of our Linganore wines. So whether you’re looking for a romantic evening or just want to treat yourself, we have all the information you need to make your night perfect this Valentine’s Day!

White Chocolate

white chocolate and wine

For our white chocolate lovers, we suggest Seventh or our newly released Bella Rosé!

  • Seventh is a delicate blend entices the senses with notes of strawberries, raspberries, and Honeycrisp apples.
  • Bella Rosé has notes of fresh strawberry, ripe raspberry, and hints of white chocolate that immerse the nose in this splendid sparkling rosé wine.

Milk Chocolate

milk chocolate and wine

Classic Milk Chocolate pairs well with our Aperture 2020 or Retriever Red 2021!

  • Aperture 2020 has black cherry, spice and chocolate notes that seductively caress the nose in this full-bodied wine.
  • Retriever Red 2021 is off-dry and heavy-bodied with pronounced tannin and oak influence, create a bold wine with a firm structure.

Dark Chocolate

dark chocolate and wine

Nothing quite like eating dark chocolate with two of our dry reserve red wines – our Cabernet Franc and Exposure.

  • Cabernet Franc has bright fruit and spices with a soft entry and midpalate. 
  • Exposure is showing dark fruit and earth notes on the nose while the tannins have been tamed into a silky pleasure. 

Caramel Chocolate

caramel chocolate and wine

If caramel chocolate is more your thing, our Petit Verdot and Steeplechase wines will compliment these chocolates nicely!

  • Petit Verdot is a full-bodied wine with hints of deep red fruits melded with the complexity of subtle oak aromas.
  • Steeplechase is a soft semi-sweet juicy red wine. The rich cherry background flavors are accentuated when served with anything chocolate.

Chocolate & Strawberries

wine and chocolate starwberries

For our romantics that love wine and chocolate strawberries, our re-released Bella Luce and Saperavi are just what you need!

  • Bella Luce is a semi-sweet sparkling wine, with bright notes of ripe melons and fresh citrus.
  • Saperavi is a medium-bodied wine rich in aromas of the darkest blueberries, vibrant blackberries, and subtle vanilla notes ending with a smooth finish.

Still looking for that perfect gift this Valentine’s Day? Treat your loved one to a specialty crafted wine basket created in collaboration with The Frederick Basket Company. You can select any 2 wines and we will box it up in a kit and ship to your special someone!