Sweet Red Wines

Linganore Wines in Maryland

STEEPLE CHASE RED: 6% residual sugar

A soft semi-sweet  juicy red wine. The rich cherry background flavors are accentuated when served with anything chocolate.

Serving Suggestions: Serve with fresh berries, chocolate and chocolate desserts. Serve room temperature or chilled.

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SANGRIA: 6% residual sugar

Fruity, semi-sweet red wine flavored with citrus. A great addition to a party or just for relaxing.

Serving Suggestions: Serve with hard cheeses, tapas, and fresh fruit. Serve chilled.

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SPICY REGATTA: 6% residual sugar

This is a semi-sweet spiced red wine. This wine is great served heated with slices of oranges and apples for the winter or chilled over fresh fruit in the summer.

Serving Suggestions: Serve with sharp cheeses, red meat, spiced pies and cobblers. Serve heated with slices of oranges and apples for fall and winter entertaining or chilled in the summer.

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INDULGENCE: 10% residual sugar

Medium bodied red dessert wine infused with natural chocolate, creating the perfect velvety dessert in a bottle.

2012 Governor’s Cup Gold Medal

2013 Governor’s Cup Gold Medal

Serving Suggestions: Serve with fresh berries, vanilla desserts, and ice cream. Serve chilled.

Indulgence is only available directly from the winery. It can be purchased in our Tasting Room or ordered for shipping to select states. Email us for more information.

ABISSO: 12% residual sugar

A rich delicious Ruby Port. Abisso, Italian for “abyss” describes the deep rich color in this sweet red. Natural fermentation to higher alcohol and oak aging produces this wine, which shows opulent plum bouquets and leaves your mouth lingering with the taste of ripe plums.

2012 Governor’s Cup Bronze Medal

Serving Suggestions: A great after dinner wine. Serve with bleu cheeses, nuts and dried fruits. Serve at room temperature.

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