The Super Fan

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Want to show your home team spirit and celebrate Ray’s last game?

Order the “Super Fan” combo available only at the winery while supplies last.

The “Super Fan” includes a bottle of White Raven, a bottle of Black Raven and two Heart of Baltimore wine glasses. The glasses come in black with bling, purple with bling or plain purple just $52.

Maryland Wines at Linganore Winecellar

The “Super Fan” Combo

Black with Bling

To order, email or call the winery at 301-831-5889 Tuesday-Friday 10-5.

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 Friday Night Update: We are sold out of the black with bling packages. A LIMITED number of purple and purple with bling packages will be available for sale at the winery tomorrow 10am-6pm and Sunday 12pm-5pm. First come, first serve!


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