Bus Groups

Bus group tickets can be purchased online up to Tuesday at 11:59pm before the festival starts. Click HERE to purchase tickets.

The minimum head count for a bus group is 22 (18 or older), this include the organizer and driver, whom get in to the event for free. Bus group tickets prices are our posted flat fee, please note that there are no additional service fees included for bus groups. There are no refunds so everyone that you purchase a ticket for must be on the bus when it arrives. We do not keep a guest list and only check guests in per the number of purchased tickets. When a bus arrives, someone from our staff will get onto the bus, check it in, take a headcount, id, wrist band, and give everyone on the bus a glass so that you can get off and go right into the festival, without having to wait in lines! The driver is red banded meaning that they cannot buy or consume alcohol at the festival. If someone misses the bus and arrives after the bus has been checked in they will be turned away and will not be able to enter the festival. If you have any further questions, you may contact us at BusGroups@Linganorewines.com.

We do not hold or reserve any tickets so in order to insure your spot you must purchase your tickets. Please note that bus group tickets are not part of the general admission tickets, so if the event is sold out that does not apply to the bus group tickets. When you have your final head-count and are ready to purchase your tickets, please click HERE.

If you would like more information, feel free to call us at 301-831-5889 or email BusGroups@LinganoreWines.com.